VUF Attends Spring 2024 Adventure Vehicle Roundup

From April 18th to 24th, the Venture Unknown Foundation was thrilled to participate in the Spring 2024 Adventure Vehicle Roundup presented by Expedition Georgia. This event presented a prime opportunity to engage with adventure travel enthusiasts about the responsible use of our public lands.

On Saturday, we were delighted to host a class focused on stewardship—an always exhilarating chance to tell our story, educate, and hopefully inspire attendees to advocate for our great outdoors and join in the efforts VUF is making towards our upcoming projects. As the overland community expands, so does the opportunity for volunteering in numerous ways. During this event, we connected with people from diverse backgrounds, all united by their enthusiasm for adventure and how it brings our community together. At VUF, we are hopeful that together, we can continue to grow and unite in our efforts to Restore the Outdoors in the healthiest possible manner.