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From our origins as a humble Facebook group, we’ve blossomed into a thriving community of over 4,000 members spanning the entire nation. With steady monthly growth, our influence extends across diverse social media platforms and our dedicated website. The depth of our gratitude knows no bounds as we forge impactful partnerships with esteemed agencies and companies, a testament to our shared commitment to conservation and exploration.

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Our community is not just remarkable; it’s a force of nature, a family of like-minded individuals bound by a shared passion for making the world a better place. Harnessing the strength of our 4,000-member network, we wield a remarkable capacity to effect change. Our influence extends beyond physical action, as our social media platform serves as a beacon of education, enlightening our members and local communities on their pivotal role in safeguarding our public lands.

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We are a steadfast beacon of stewardship, committed to preserving the heart of our natural world. As a nonprofit 501c3 organization, our mission is crystal clear: we exist to be guardians of our outdoor and overland community, guided by the principles of exploration, education, and encouragement. In a world where our beautiful public lands are at risk of neglect, our foundation stands as a champion for their preservation and conservation.

Our mission is to share the beauty of the outdoors with like minded people, while holding the values of diversity, respect, and compassion very close to our heart.
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We strive to educate the outdoor and overland community to practice TREAD lightly principles and to always leave it better than we found it.
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To inspire and encourage the community to seek out the adventure within.
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Sean Clark


Sean created Venture Unknown Foundation January 2023. Although the passion for exploration was born in a lil kid who simply loved to play outdoors. It all started from the wonder that comes from discovering something new. The excitement of what is over the mountain, across the river, or around the bend!! While exploring thousands of miles all over the country in his 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser, Sean ended up finding something no one would be too proud of…. Our beautiful FSRs, camps, and off road trails suffered from scars of misuse everywhere! Not wanting to stand idle by and let this become a reality. He had to do something to ensure our planet was passed down to our children and grandchildren better than we found it! Venture Unknown Foundation was born, to ensure that little kid who loves the outdoors like he did, will have a place to play for generations to come. It’s all at the very beginning and will require dedication, perseverance, and of course the desire for all of us to do our part to …Sean challenges us all to Restore the Outdoors!

Michelle Clark

Vice Chairman

Michelle Clark is currently Vice Chair at Venture Unknown Foundation. Michelle grew up getting outdoors with her Dad: hunting, fishing, atv’s and off-roading. Michelle will always cherish that time with her Dad and those memories are what help fuel her passion to keep the access open for all the future generations of daddy/daughter adventures.

Raleigh Buckner


Raleigh developed a deep connection with the outdoors while growing up exploring the woods in his parents’ backyard. His formative years as a Boy Scout instilled in him a love for camping, hiking, and environmental stewardship. Today, Raleigh finds solace in nature, using it as a retreat from the daily grind. His passion for the outdoors perfectly aligns with the Foundation’s mission to preserve accessible trails, pristine campsites, and unspoiled forests for future generations.

Dan Huffman


Dan Huffman, the dedicated treasurer of the Venture Unknown Foundation, is a true Georgia native with a lifelong passion for the outdoors. From fishing and hiking to offroad motorsports, these childhood pursuits now form cherished memories with his kids. The drive to safeguard outdoor experiences for his children and future generations motivates him in his pivotal role at the Venture Unknown Foundation. His journey into nonprofit work began with impactful volunteering with The Home Depot Foundation, aiding U.S. veterans and disaster-stricken communities. With a robust business leadership background and an unwavering commitment to the outdoors and community, Dan’s role at the Venture Unknown Foundation feels like second nature.