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Family first is a philosophy that is dear to us. After all, Restoring our Outdoors for our future generations is what drives stewardship for Venture Unknown Foundation. Join the VUF community for family friendly fun while also enjoying the outdoors through adventure! Fall festivals, Movies in the Wild, Backyard Brews, veteran ride alongs, or join us for a scouting trip out in the wild to locate severely neglected areas. These are just a few monthly and annual events you can expect to see from VUF.

Spring Clean ’24

May 4, 2024

As spring unfolds, the Venture Unknown Foundation (VUF) is thrilled to launch its inaugural Spring Clean 2024 event! Our cherished national forests are calling out for care and preservation, and it’s up to us, the stewards of nature, to answer that call.

Are you dismayed by the sight of beautiful camping spots marred by litter and neglect? Join us on May 4th to help restore the beauty of our outdoor spaces. We encourage you to spend a day with us or, better yet, camp overnight either before or after the cleanup day.

Event Details:

  • Locations: Choose from two locations:
    • Georgia: Darnell Creek FSR 150
    • North Carolina: Nantahala District
  • Activities: Participate in cleanup efforts at popular forest service roads, shooting ranges, and campsites to prepare them for the 2024 camping season.

Sweep Up The Southeast 2024

September 7, 2024

**Hosted by:** Venture Unknown Foundation

Have you ever traveled a forest service road and encountered a dumpsite or a campsite ruined by irresponsibility? Do you desire to actively participate in preserving access to our public lands? If the idea of camping and collaborating with a community of individuals who share your dedication to stewardship excites you, then you are exactly who we need!

Venture Unknown Foundation is thrilled to extend an invitation for you to join us once again in our significant regional endeavor: Sweep Up The Southeast 2024! This initiative is more than a clean-up; it’s a movement of people united by a love for nature and a commitment to stewardship.

**How It All Began**

Venture Unknown Foundation is rolling into the third year of our impactful stewardship initiative, Sweep Up The Southeast 2024 (#suts). From its inception in 2022 that included 7 national forest and 12,000 lbs of trash removed, to a massive haul of 57,102 lbs across 12 national forests in 2023, we are now expanding our efforts into at least 2 more states with an ambitious goal of 100,000 lbs of trash removal for the 2024 year!!

**Why We Need You**

The preservation of our public lands requires a community effort. We are mobilizing our 5000 member network and all who care for nature to partake in this massive clean-up operation. This event requires meticulous planning, coordination, and the energy of passionate individuals like you. From scouting areas in dire need of cleaning to managing logistics and obtaining necessary permissions, every step is crucial to our success.

**Your Role**

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or new to community stewardship, your involvement is vital. We need trail leaders, fundraisers, and enthusiastic participants ready to dive into action. Partnering with governmental agencies like the USFS, we ensure all activities are impactful and aligned with conservation goals.

**If Unable To Join**

We at VUF understand volunteering is difficult in today’s busy world. You could help us in spirit by making a donation to our cause. Much needed items such as gloves, safety vest, road signs, and other PPE are essential. We also very much need help with funding for dumpsters to be dropped at our target areas. Tire removal is extremely expensive and we were limited to removing only 302 in 2023. We had no choice but to leave hundreds behind because of cost. Please consider donating to Venture Unknown Foundation and help us rise above our expectations.

**Join Us**

Mark your calendar, gather your friends, and prepare to make a tangible difference. Sign up, show up, and be part of a movement that cherishes and safeguards the natural beauty of our treasured forest. Together, let’s reach that audacious goal and continue to RESTORE THE OUTDOORS!!

**Save The Date – September 7, 2024 – More Details Coming Soon**

*Be a part of the change. Sweep Up The Southeast 2024.*

**Contact Us HERE**

Fall Festival 2024

October 26, 2024

What does a VU Fall festival and overland truck show look like?
-First and foremost a great community atmosphere!
-Overland truck show (Best in show aka show off, best poop box aka budget build, people’s choice aka the real winner, best Halloween deco)
-Prizes and trophies.
-Dunk booth to make Sean angry #angrysean
-Bouncy house for the lil ones
-Food truck mmmmmm
-Face painting…. meow
-RTI flex ramp
-Live music
-Tons of great raffles


**Save The Date – October 26, 2024 – More Details Coming Soon**

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