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Partnership Vision

Our network has fostered partnerships with the United States Forest Service, local community leaders, and like-minded organizations, significantly expanding the scope of our influence. In collaboration with the USFS, we organize stewardship events driven by purpose-built off-road trash trailers, generously supported by donations. These gatherings bring together our passionate volunteers, outfitted with essential PPE, dumpsters, and resources for covering landfill fees. Our events are making a profound impact on our beloved forests. They are helping to restore and rejuvenate these natural treasures, ensuring that they remain pristine and accessible for generations to come.

Where Your
Donations Go

Your donations serve as the bedrock upon which we build our future plans. These vital contributions fuel the creation of purpose-built off-road trash trailers, empower our dedicated volunteers with essential equipment, and amplify our educational efforts across social media platforms. With every dollar, you enable us to forge stronger partnerships with the USFS, local leaders, and like-minded organizations, enhancing our reach and ensuring the enduring preservation of our cherished public lands.

Together, we continue to embody the spirit of exploration, education, and encouragement, driving us toward a future where accessible trails, clean campsites, and the freedom to roam remain steadfast for generations to come. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, let us walk hand in hand, knowing that your support propels us ever closer to the vision we hold dear.

Business Donation


Another purpose made Oscar (trash trailer) could be built in your company’s name. You would be updated quarterly how many pounds of debris was removed with this amazing tool. This level of donation will live on for decades of stewardship.



This level of donation creates real change within our National Forest. Renting equipment, buying tools, supplies to clean graffiti from our mountain landmarks, water trailers , pressure washers



This donation organized a large stewardship project such as dumpster drops to help remove debris, fees to properly dispose of debris, building barriers on offshoot spider trails, signage purchase and installation



You just cleaned up a campsite for generations to continue to use!!! Provided supplies to a stewardship project such as garbage bags, PPE, fuel, recovery gear, fueled 100s of miles for project Oscar to maintain



(Mile per dollar donation)
Every dollar donated we pledge to clean up one mile of Forest Service Roads (FSRs)

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